Shenzhen Special Zone Daily | World Wetland Day exclusive interview: coastal wetland and mangrove protection and restoration enable high-quality development in Shenzhen

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February 2, 2023 is the 27th World Wetland Day. This year's theme is "Wetland Restoration". On the same day, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration announced the Shenzhen Futian Mangrove Wetland and other International Important Wetlands List included in the Convention on Wetlands in the main publicity event of the 2023 World Wetlands Day in China.

On the same day, Kong Linghua, the head of ZEHO ECO Marine Ecological Business, accepted an exclusive interview with the reporter of Shenzhen Special Zone Daily comprehensively introduced the current situation and development direction of coastal wetland restoration in China, and put forward suggestions for the protection and restoration of important wetland ecology in Shenzhen. Kong Linghua's professional suggestions were reported in the front-page article of the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily on the next day, "Migratory birds use their wings to" vote "for Shenzhen's Futian mangrove wetland to be listed as an international important wetland".

February 3 Shenzhen Special Zone Daily

Experts: Coastal Wetland and Mangrove Protection and Restoration Enable High-quality Development in Shenzhen

On February 2, Kong Linghua, a well-known domestic wetland ecological restoration expert and head of marine ecological affairs of Beijing ZEHO Waterfront Ecological Environment Treatment Co., Ltd. (ZEHO ECO), received an exclusive interview with reporters, introducing the current situation and development direction of coastal wetland restoration in China, as well as suggestions for the protection and restoration of important wetland ecology in Shenzhen.

The day is "World Wetland Day", with the theme of "Wetland Restoration", which aims to raise public awareness of the contribution of wetlands to human beings and the earth, and promote action to restore wetlands.

Shenzhen Houxiang Lake Wetland Park after ecological restoration

Kong Linghua said that China is located at the north edge of the mangrove distribution area in the world, and mangrove restoration is also the most research and practice area of coastal wetland ecological restoration in China. With the increasing monitoring and effect assessment of ecological restoration, comprehensive, systematic and comprehensive ecological restoration of coastal wetlands at regional scale has received more and more attention in China.

Baiyangdian Lake in Xiong'an New Area after ecological restoration

Xiaohe National Wetland Park in Shanxi Province after ecological restoration

Kong Linghua said that relevant technological innovation has achieved good ecological and social benefits in the practice of wetland protection and restoration in China.

In the Erhai Lake Riparian Buffer Zone Ecological Restoration Project, through the construction of ecological conservation type river and lake wetlands, the Erhai Lake has been transformed from the grim situation of "people entering the lake and retreating" before the construction into a clear lake with ecological recovery, significant improvement of biodiversity and water quality, which has protected the natural sacred heritage of Erhai Lake, effectively brought the ecological, economic and social composite benefits, and improved the well-being of the local people.

Erhai Lake Riparian Buffer Zone Ecological Restoration Project in Yunnan Province

Lingshan Island Tip Project in Nansha, Guangzhou, a typical mangrove wetland ecological restoration project, is based on the construction of habitat restoration coastal wetland type. After the restoration, the biodiversity of the Lingshan Island Tip Outer River has increased rapidly, with 17 species of intertidal vegetation, including 8 species of mangrove and semi-mangrove plants, 9 species of aquatic plants, and 6 species of benthic organisms, including fiddler crabs, also settled here. The mangroves distributed along the river are like a string of emerald necklaces, embellished into an atmospheric and natural picture of the green bank of the outer river, combined with the existing banded park in the embankment, which has further brought the relationship between people, water and city closer, and its landscape value has also been affirmed by the "Asian Urban Landscape Award" in 2020.

After the ecological restoration, the mangroves in the intertidal zone of Lingshan Island, Nansha, Guangzhou, are thriving again

In recent years, ZEHO ECO has actively participated in the ecological protection and restoration of wetlands in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. For example, the project of Shenzhen Haoxiang Lake Wetland Park has won awards from the industry.

Kong Linghua said that mangrove is a diversified ecosystem, including not only mangroves, but also algae, mangrove plants and semi-mangrove plants, associated plants, animals, microorganisms, etc. The value created for urban development is also complex. Ecological restoration of mangrove wetland is an important part of wetland protection in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is rich in mangrove and wetland resources, especially the Futian mangrove Wetland and the Hong Kong Maipo Deep Bay Wetland form a close echo of the whole. In recent years, the protection and restoration have achieved remarkable outcomes.

Kong Linghua suggested that Shenzhen should continue to vigorously promote international cooperation in wetland and mangrove protection and restoration, disaster prevention and mitigation, environmental education, management and operation, and industry implantation, taking the opportunity of preparing for the construction of the "International Mangrove Center" with high standards, successfully applying for the "International Important Wetland", and building the "International Wetland City", so as to enable high-quality development of Shenzhen, seek a sustainable development path guided by ecological civilization for Shenzhen and even the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and become a global benchmark city with outstanding competitiveness, innovation and influence.

After ecological restoration, egrets fly back to the Blue Bay in Putian, Fujian

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