ZEHO ECO was invited to speak at the 2023 Carbon Neutrality, Zero Carbon China Summit

2023/05/29 2357

On May 28, the "2023 Carbon Neutrality, Zero Carbon China Summit and the 6th China International Energy Investment Forum" was successfully held in Beijing Changping. ZEHO ECO as the sponser, was invited to attend the meeting. Chen Liwen, president of the Urban Planning Institute, made a keynote speech with the theme of "Zero Carbon City Construction Path and Practice Exploration", and announced that ZEHO ECO would cooperate with the Energy Investment Professional Committee of IAC to build Zero Carbon City Research Institute and carry out zero carbon city research and practice.

Chen Liwen, President of ZEHO ECO Urban Planning Institute, was invited to speak

This summit is hosted by the Changping District People's Government of Beijing Municipality, the Energy Investment Professional Committee of IAC, and the Beijing Future Science City Administrative Committee. The summit closely revolves around the development of zero carbon cities, with the theme of "Building a Zero Carbon Smart City with 'Green+Digital'". It invited senior leaders of Fortune 500 companies in key areas of zero carbon, as well as professional representatives from domestic and foreign research institutes, industry associations, financial companies, and other institutions, to jointly explore effective paths to build a zero carbon ecosystem, and share innovative experiences in various aspects such as industry policies, innovative technologies, and business models of green and low-carbon industries, Provide intellectual support for the development of regional zero carbon industries and even the construction of world zero carbon cities.

Chen Liwen introduced that global climate change has put enormous pressure on urban environments, and reducing carbon emissions is urgent. Over the years, ZEHO ECO has actively carried out nature-based ecological restoration and protection practices around "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" to enhance the carbon sink function of the ecosystem. In order to meet the new trends and requirements of zero carbon city construction under the guidance of the "dual carbon" strategy, ZEHO ECO and Energy Investment Professional Committee of IAC will collaborate to build Zero Carbon City Research Institute, using the "7+1" symbiotic city of sustainable development as the working method, and integrating the "landscape - architecture - energy - waste - water - transportation - urban function - intelligence" subsystems to assist in zero carbon development of the city.

The research institute will carry out theoretical research on zero carbon cities around topics such as clean energy, green and low-carbon industries, low-carbon communities, and carbon sink space construction, jointly research and develop the "Zero Carbon China · Zero Carbon City Blue Book", participate in the preparation of the "Zero Carbon China Evaluation Standard System", and provide a data foundation for future certification work of zero carbon cities. In addition, the research institute will rely on the experience of ZEHO ECO's Business to expand the industrial chain and form a new model of "ecology+new energy" industry. It will benchmark the international zero carbon cities represented by Hammarby Sjöstad Eco-Town in Northern Europe, and combine the advantages of the company's own technology, talent, and international expert think tanks to jointly build zero carbon cities with local governments, creating a model city that achieves zero pollution, zero waste, and zero carbon.

Chen Liwen stated that the Zero Carbon City Research Institute will actively carry out actions around the standards, evaluation, co construction, and certification of zero carbon cities under the dual carbon goals, and make contributions to the construction of zero carbon cities.

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