ZEHO ECO participated in the 2023 Marine Ecological Civilization Theme Promotion Event, sharing experiences in coastal ecological restoration based on the NbS concept

2023/07/21 2072

On July 20th, the 2023 Marine Ecological Civilization Theme Promotion Activity titled "Beautiful Bay: A New Approach to Modernization for Harmonious Coexistence between Human and Nature" was successfully held in Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. The event was jointly organized by the Propaganda and Education Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Institute of Ecological Civilization of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Ningbo Ecological Environment Bureau, and the People's Government of Xiangshan County. It marked the first promotional activity centered around marine ecological civilization following the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference.

During the event, Kong Linghua, the head of the Ecology and Environment Department of ZEHO ECO, was invited to share the company's practical experiences in coastal ecological restoration based on the NbS concept. Through this valuable contribution, ZEHO ECO provided insights and references to aid China's efforts in marine ecological environment protection.

Kong Linghua, the head of the Ecology and Environment Department of ZEHO ECO was invited to speak

During the event, Kong Linghua emphasized that marine ecological civilization plays a crucial role in the overall construction of the national ecological civilization. Recognizing the opportunities and challenges it presents, she highlighted the significance of upholding harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. She stressed the importance of striking a balance between development and protection, underscoring that effective pollution prevention and ecological restoration are vital measures to safeguard the ecological environment of coastal and Gulf regions. By implementing these measures, we can ensure the sustainability and health of our marine ecosystems for generations to come.

Throughout the years, ZEHO ECO has been steadfast in its dedication to the "7+1" symbio-city concept, Nature-based Solutions (NbS), and the localization exploration of Ecological engineering methods technology. Confronting the marine ecological challenges arising from the Climate crisis and biodiversity crisis, we draw inspiration from the United Nations' "Ocean Decade" action plan and align ourselves with China's major marine strategies like marine power, marine power province, and beautiful bay. Continuously, we strive to explore innovative methods and technologies that cater to China's unique ecological and environmental protection needs.

To address the widespread issue of hard seawalls in coastal cities and the lack of ecological functions in these areas, we are collaborating with Ecology to establish a ministerial-level key laboratory for marine ecological protection and restoration. This collaboration involves partnering with the Third Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Island Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Together, we are developing a range of transformative technologies for seawall ecological conversion, restoration of salt marsh wetlands, mangroves, coral reefs, subtidal habitats, and beach ecosystems.

The successful application and practice of these technologies in Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan, and other regions have demonstrated their effectiveness. Our goal is to widely promote these approaches in coastal cities across China in the future, fostering sustainable and resilient marine ecosystems for the benefit of both nature and communities.

7+1 symbio-city innovative design concept

Nature-based Solutions innovative working methods

Ecological restoration+vibrant coast+intelligent butler innovation technology system

ZEHO ECO addresses challenges in coastal restoration using the "prefabricated coastal plant ecological module and assembly technology" based on the NbS concept. Successfully applied in the Dongguan Binhai Bay New Area, this innovative approach transforms hard seawalls into continuous ecosystems, boosting coastal vitality.

The vegetation coverage of the hard seawall in Binhai has significantly increased after ecological transformation

Ecological restoration of Jianwaijiang River on Lingshan Island, Nansha, Guangzhou, utilized a variety of combined Ecological engineering methods, tailored to the region's hydrology and meteorology. Techniques like geotechnical forms and branch sinking beds were applied to restore hard coastal shorelines in tidal river sections. The creation of a respirable revetment structure with diverse salt marsh semi-mangrove plant communities exemplifies a successful demonstration of coastal near-nature vitality using Ecological engineering methods.

Mangroves in the tip Intertidal zone of Lingshan Island, Nansha, Guangzhou are thriving again

The Putian Blue Bay Project employs quasi-natural Ecological engineering methods to restore the natural habitat and enhance blue carbon function. Tailored to local conditions, the project incorporates wetland restoration, beach rehabilitation, seawall ecological transformation, inner bay tide absorption, and Windbreak restoration. These measures create a thriving waterfront habitat for target species like egrets while optimizing the ecological landscape for public natural education and leisure visits. The result is a sustainable coastal water-land junction zone.

Putian Blue Bay Egret Flies Back gracefully

Coral reefs play a vital role as protective barriers and benthic habitats along the coast, bolstering disaster prevention capabilities and enhancing benthic biodiversity. In the coral reef ecological protection and restoration project at Dongfang Duntou Bay, Hainan, ZEHO ECO employs artificial reef replanting, restoration, and nursery construction techniques to establish thriving coral communities and safeguard reef organism diversity.

To ensure effective management, we utilize advanced technologies such as underwater robots, intelligent seabed observation, and ecosystem biometric recognition algorithms. These innovations enable us to create an integrated coral reef intelligent management platform for regulatory purposes. This platform facilitates dynamic monitoring of regional coral reef distribution and ecological conditions, automated effect evaluation, and provides a user-friendly "one map" visualization display.

Dongfang Duntouwan Coral Reef Intelligent Management Platform

Kong Linghua emphasized that ZEHO ECO has leveraged over 20 years of experience in river and lake ecological restoration and coastal engineering practice to revolutionize traditional coastal engineering by integrating the NbS concept. This Ecological engineering methods technology system has been successfully applied in various coastal scenarios across China, including artificial, muddy, bedrock, sandy, and biological coasts. It provides a practical and adaptable solution that can serve as a valuable reference in building beautiful bays.

ZEHO ECO remains committed to the spirit of innovation, increasing investment in research and development, and actively engaging in ecological restoration efforts. By doing so, the company aims to make substantial contributions to addressing marine ecological environment challenges.

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